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Tel.: +370 61112227; lamarina.oldmill@gmail.com

The restaurant „Lamarina“ of the „Old Mill Conference“ hotel is a wonderful place for a romantic dinner, a wedding party or for a group or conference members. In the morning you will find here abundant and diverse buffet breakfast, during the day time we offer business lunches for both individual clients and conference or seminar members. For conferences we also offer a wide range of lunch menues and coffee break options depending on your needs.

Here you will find not only high quality service but also a fantastically beautiful place in the very heart of Klaipeda with a view of the Curonian Lagoon. The restaurant „La Marina“ is a perfect choice for your special event or a pleasant evening. This is an exclusive place for your special feast! You can choose the restaurant or a spacious banquet hall on the ground floor.

Enjoy our delicious dishes and magnificent views opening through the windows of the restaurant and the banquet hall!

Telephone of the restaurant: +370 61112227, lamarina.oldmill@gmail.com

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